Wednesday, February 6, 2008

I shouldn't get up so early...

Despite the fact that signing up for 8am classes is arguably the stupidest thing an avid WoW player can do, I did it. And I of course regret it. And now you will too. I'm about to subject you to the inner-workings of my sleep-starved mind and you may never come back to this blog. Or you might enjoy it. Who knows?

Our tale begins with my morning ritual of checking webcomics. One such webcomic today was the newest Questionable Content, featuring a few of the characters at a karaoke bar. One of them starts singing a song. That song was "Fat Bottomed Girls" by Queen. I latched onto the lyrics and let them cycle through my head. And, as my mind is wont to do, it started to twist them and look for different ways to sing the song.

So, Bear, this is for you:

Ohhhh you gonna tank the raid tonight
Ohhhh down that frickin' Netherspite
Ohhhh you gonna give it all you got
Fat-bottomed bears
You make the ZA boss go down

It's...a little pathetic. And just to make things clear, BBB is a very svelte bear.

But wait, there's more.

Since I did that, my next thought was "what other songs can I twist horribly?" Apple Bottom Jeans. Yep. Sorry, Phae.

She got that Mooncloth robe set
Her form ain't got fur (ain't got fur)
The whole raid's relyin' on her
Its certain doom
'Til she hits the room
Phaelia cast bloom, bloom, bloom,
bloom, bloom, bloom,
bloom, bloom

Where you going? I'm not done yet. I thought, "why should druids get all the fun?" (besides the obvious), so I thought of something for rogues. Welcome to FutureSex/LoveSound (if you value your sanity, click this then hide the window), rogue style.

Rogue snuck up on me
Ambush stun-lock *groan*
Another kidney shot
My trinkets not ready to blow
I must be a future (future) honor (honor) kill point
And when I go down
All I can think about is

Stun-lock is so OP
Stun me like this
Stune me like that
(ow-ow, ow-ow)

Yeah, I know. "Go to bed, Bell." Shush.


Eleanor said...

Oh Bell, that's... well, I don't know whether to laugh or cry.

It's the dancing gnome that sets it all off, really. :)

Phaelia said...

WOOHOO!! I have a theme song!!


BigBearButt said...



Oooh..... I gots a theme song too!

And I have that song on mp3 somewhere too... now I know what's going up on the video tomorrow... and I'm linking here if people wanna know why.

Damn it, now I need to find a karaoke version of fat bottomed girls, and someone that can actually sing.

Which would not be me.

Anonymous said...

Bell? Go to bed. ;)

Seriously, that's great stuff. So what have you got for the hunters and priests among us?

Valenna said...

Woot! I love it! So much in fact, you inspired me to do my own: Song is at the bottom.

Bell said...

@eleanor - cry.

@phaelia - lawl

@bear - don't look at me. I can't sing.

@kestrel - done and done.

@valenna - schweet