Thursday, August 13, 2009

Proc'ing Over and Over and Over...

There is a new idol out, able to be purchased with 25 badges of Triumph. With the heroic daily and running Trial of the Crusader, both 10 and 25 modes, now would be the time that many people are starting to get it. What is it?

Idol of Flaring Growth

At first glance, it looks good. A nice 234 Spellpower for casting our most commonly-utilized raid heal? Definitely delicious. But there's something even more amazing about this Idol.

It has no internal cooldown, and has a high proc rate.

With one Rejuvenation ticking (and overhealing) on myself, I had no downtime from the first proc til I finally let Rejuvenation die. The idol might as well read "Here's a free 234 Spellpower so long as Rejuvenation is up! LOVE ME!!!" This is basically what it does. This makes it an amazing Idol, even if you're generally a tank healer. With just one Rejuvenation running, your Spellpower gains a huge boost.

Due to this mechanic, there is absolutely no reason not to grab this Idol before deciding to spend your Triumph Badges on anything else before it. The only instance I can see not using this Idol is during General Vezax, where you will need the cost reduction from Idol of Awakening.

In short: grab this Idol as soon as you can, and enjoy the boost.


lissanna said...

I have to get the moonkin one first, since I'm getting switched to DPS more often (and the near 100% up-time on the 200 crit rating from moonfire is also equally tasty). After that, I'll pick this up before I go for any set pieces for either set...

Bell said...

Yeah, all the Triumph-bought Relics are able to have a near 100% up time. I just speak of this one because, well, I'm Resto and it's delicious!

Joon Pear said...

wow. that is awesome! didn't k now that was out.

Rensaelys said...

Once we finished this week's raiding (till Monday), I was able to go out and grab this. It's incredibly nice, and the uptime is constant as long as you're healing regularly.. Which is always. :)

Kayeri said...

Five Triumphs to go and its mine... :)

L. Williams said...

Oh - I am grinding as we speak - this is LOVELY and I always throw a rejuv... thanks Blizz for some DROOD love finally...

Fabio said...

Grabbing mine after today's daily!

Lactose said...

The proc rate for the trinket is currently at 70%.

If you have the T8.5 4 piece bonus, this extra heal does NOT proc the idol.

As mentioned above, even on single target healing, this idol provides an almost constant boost to SP.


ArchDruid Angela said...

"It has no internal cooldown, and has a high proc rate."

That is very useful to know actually... thanks!

Andreas said...

Another tip if your soloing and have both the Idols. Since the reis no casting colldown on switching weapons (and hence also Idols). Youcan make macros to equipp the two idols as you cas the two spells.
Not very useful for raids and groups where you usualy have a mroe dedicated role.
But for soling where you end up tossing a hot or two on your self every now or then. or in over geared instances like HC's you'll find yourself tossing a moonfire now nad then even while helaing.
I's quite a nice feeling to get to utilize both buffs.

Macros something like:
#showtooltip moonfire
/Equip Idol of Lunar Fury
/Cast Moonfire

#showtooltip Rejuvenation
/Equip Idol of Flareing Growth
/Cast Rejuvenation