Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Healing the Faction Champions

I would kid myself if I thought this was a truly proper healing guide, but this is not a "proper" fight. There are no aggro tables, so you will, most likely, be being focused by one of your enemies at one point or another. You need to be mobile, adaptive, and have a fast reaction time. It's time to start loving PvP, because that is what this fight is; one extremely long arena fight. I personally find this to be the most enjoyable and exciting fight so far!

What I can provide are tips on what to do when facing these champions.

Communication is key.

First of all, make sure you start facing the right way. The champions do NOT enter from the double doors. They jump directly down from the stands where their faction leader is located. If you are Alliance, then you will be facing Horde Champions, and if you are Horde, then you will be facing Alliance Champions.

Communication is key.

Be prepared to break out of your intended role. When CC is needed, don't be afraid to add a couple Cyclones to the mix. Pop Nature's Grasp when someone is on you. This is a perfectly acceptable use of your role. Be careful with your Cyclone, though. Cycloning someone that your raid is about to unload on can be disastrous. So, no pressure, right?

Communication is key.

Be aware of your surroundings. You have to know what's going on. When there's a warrior near you, you have to run away. You have to know who is focusing you and who is being focused. This requires a large amount of focus for the important things. There is a lot to keep track of. If you waste your time thinking about your Recount meters or what have you, you or somebody else will die.

Communication is key.

Okay, why do I keep repeating that? Because IT IS IMPORTANT. You cannot win in this fight if you do not report that which is pertinent, and nothing else. People will get focused down and will need Rebirths. CC will break, and even if it doesn't it's on PvP lengths and will be less effective each time you chain it. You have to communicate. You just have to.

If you keep this all in mind, you should kill them. Not the first time, but soon. And if you do kill them on the first pull, I salute you.

For a list of all Champions, go to this post from MMO Champion. Note that, in the case of the Champions of the same class, the one listed first is a healing spec, and the one listed second is the DPS spec. The exception is the Druids; the first is Moonkin and the second is Resto.

Good luck!


wow gold said...

"Communication is the key". With these words, fighting with the champions will be more enjoyable and exciting for MMO gamers out there. Thanks for giving these useful tips. LOL :)

Anonymous said...

This fight was a mess. People died more then once, CC was broken, and we were pulling out everything in our arsenal - gradually more people stayed dead, and our healers were crying OOM... We 3 Shotted it last night on 25 man by taking the tree down first. Our healers after exaimining the healing the tree was doing ( and sighing in envy at the lifebloom ticks) decided it needed to be removed asap, but it was alot of fun!

Lath said...

I had an absolute blast on this fight too! We found it really helped for the raid leader to set up a macro to automatically assign raid icons on particular targets. We put raid icons on the first 2 to be focus fired down (resto shammy & pally), 2 on the other 2 healers which were cc'd the entire fight by specific raiders. We also marked a couple of others that were being ccd for the entire fight by our 2 dps DKs. As a druid healer this is a pretty fun fight - i love jumping around hotting, decursing and removing poisons - definitely the best fight released so far in the new raid!

It took us 2 wipes and then we perfected it by attempt no 3 as well :)

Lottomannen said...

I did the fight last night on 10-man, and i'm proud to say that we one-shotted it.
Also, it was the most fun i've had in wow for ages.

Daggerspine (EU)