Friday, August 14, 2009

Glowwy Finger Wiggling is Hard

'Sup, guys, Bellbell here. I know a lot of the time I rag on healing because, well, I signed up to be a face-wrecker. I have this wonderful new polearm that's put my Crit through the roof, but I never get to use it because everyone is always "OMG WHERE ARE TEH HAELZ" followed by one rogue-ish fellow asking me why there were two healers in Bellwether's crew. Frustrating, no?

Still, if I'm going to do it, I might as well do it well, right? So, knowing Bellwether's beau is a rather pro Holy Paladin (and Paladin in general), I went to him with a question: How do you know when to use Divine Favor?

The following was the conversation:

Poise: It's an instinct for me, all I could categorize it as.
Poise: Just kind-of triggers every so often and I pull out a huge crit that heals for full without overheal.
Poise: Always the DF+HS+FL combo
Poise: Double instant cast, and if you're paying attention to SS, you can roll off the FoL as a 50%(+your holy crit) chance to crit.
Poise: Trigger on SS is static to an internal cooldown and swing timers of the units attacking the target so it's relatively easy to time.

My response to this?


I have a long way to go before I can pull this combo out without thinking, that's for sure...though I'd still love to see the day when my healing gear isn't outstripping my DPS gear by a mile.


Anonymous said...

Wow, I think I'll stick to Druid Healing. Pally healing looks freakin complicated. >_<

Though I have a 55 Pally I'm glutton for punishment. =P

Bell said...

Paladin healing in itself isn't that complicated. But timing cooldowns takes some practice and rhythm and instinct.

Jong said...

oh cool I didn't know you had a ret pally. sweet!

Bell said...

@Jong - she's been around a little while ;P

Rensaelys said...

I thought I wouldn't be all that good at being a Holy Paladin given how amazingly different from resto druid heals it is, but I find I actually enjoy it a lot and am reasonable at it.

I definitely agree about the timing of when to use DF... I have never used it, and it seems like something I might want to bind to an "ohshi-" type of healy button. On the other hand, I use the mana reduction cooldown whenever I'm going to cast more than one or two Holy Light spells back to back.

Overall, I really enjoy the playstyle differences between Holy and Restoration. It's a different experience.