Monday, August 31, 2009

For Your Entertainment...

So, while I try to prepare for Anub'arak and the rigors of Hardmode 25 man Coliseum, I thought I'd share a little bit of my WoW life via pictures and probably not very witty captions.

You've been warned.

We're all assembled, and the call goes out. Deploy mini trees! Too bad they have no tactical advantage. Usually the lazy little buggers just go right to sleep.

If you've never seen a devilsaur swim, I recommend it. One of the most adorable animations in WoW. Lookit his little arms go!

Yes, in this picture, I am dead in fire. To be fair, the fire spawned on my corpse after I died. /grumble

It was the normal daily, we wanted to get badges and an achievement or two. No one could zone in, despite the instance being completely empty and being able to zone right into Nexus. Honestly...WTF, Blizz?

I logged in one day, with super lag and latency. I could barely move in Dalaran, and that never happens to me. But, I had an egg. After a full minute of waiting for the damnable egg to open, I received the best friend a druid can have (until they put in a green drake mount, of course).

I wonder where the other antler went.

And this is what happens every night I'm not doing a raid. Or I am trying to raid old content, but NO, that's not allowed.



Kayeri said...

Grats on the mount, Kay got hers just last week! And I honestly favor the red drake... yes, I know green=Ysera=Emerald Dream and all, but Kay has always felt a greater bond to the red... Alexastrasza, the Life-Binder and all that... Having that lovely red drake entrusted to her care was the greatest honor she's ever received. :)

I laughed at just the screen shot of the devilsaur swimming... :)

and yes, I know I need to get my butt jousting so I can have a baby tree, too... I just don't LIKE jousting... ::sigh::

As for the staff... the other antler went for another staff thats the mirror image of this one? Possibly... :)

Doomhammer got a new instance server last week... the only weird thing is that its not on the same time zone Doomhammer is... that is very weird and it takes some getting used to...

Jong said...

grats on drake!

/cast neckpunch [target=white tickbird]

Anonymous said...

The istance issue has really put a damper on leveling a lower level character. Brade has a friend that has just started the game, and is about at the same level as my warrior. This past weekend we though we'd run RFD for some quests I had and to show his friend an instance.

Alas, forget even trying to run anything that isn't 1) the daily, 2) ToC, and 3) in Northrend.

I'm really so disappointed. Instancing is one of my favorite things to do while I level, and I usually do all of the instances on my alts as I get quests for them. It's put such a damper on playing my other toons =( I can hardly imagine what the experience is like for Brade's friend.


Oh, and grats on your mount! =)

Brent said...

For once, us Aussies managed to be the lucky few. We never get the "Additional Instances are kaput" message unless we try to do something around midday or earlier on the weekend.

And just because Occulus is empty doesn't mean that there aren't billions of ToC instances clogging up the queue.

I blame Emblems of Casual!... er Conquest!

Bell said...

@Brent - that doesn't explain why we could zone right into Nexus, though...

Rensaelys said...

Team Forest, assemble!

Kring said...

> @Brent - that doesn't explain why we could zone right into Nexus, though...

Different "cluster" I expect.

Check your Instance ID for heroics. Some instances have the same ID and some don't.

That was the case even in TBC where you would have the same ID for like Slave Pens and Mechanar but a different for Steamvault (IIRC).

Brajana said...

Dark Iron seems to be especially bad for this problem. Poor boyfriend is getting super frustrated working on his Insane achievement since he can't get into Dire Maul!

My main server was on the most recent list of servers being fixed - hopefully Dark Iron will be on the next one!

Kayeri said...

How did I miss the subtle changes to your header??? DUH!

I miss Sugarcake, but I like the pose Bellbell has... it just conveys 'attitude'. Which, of course, we all know she has plenty of. lol