Monday, December 8, 2008

4 Haelz, LF PUG

Well, the holidays are upon us, and I, like many, will be going places, doing things, being all Christmas-y. From about the 15th of December to the 7th of January, my time online will be very, very limited. I do not, however, want this blog to not update at all in that time.

That being said, I have some things I wish to write up and will hopefully be ready before I have to go, but! I would like to extend the opportunity for anyone, anyone, who is interested in writing a WoW-type post for 4 Haelz to do so and send it in. Whether you have a blog, don't have a blog, are new to the game, want to talk about druids, paladins, etc., want to write a little bit of roleplay fiction, rant about what Blizz changed, rant about what Blizz should change, or what have you, I encourage you to send it in. Seriously!

I'll read them over, and post what I can (if it's appropriate and coherent).

That being said, to be able to read them before I have to take my hiatus, I need them in my e-mail (4haelz AT gmail DOT com) by December 13th, 12:00 PM PST. I would prefer a subject line that is amusing, like "hai u ned deeps lulz" or something, as I'm technically looking for a PUG. If you feel a deep need to be professional in your subject line, however, something like "4 Haelz Guest Post" wouldn't go amiss.

Remember, as long as it is well-written, grammatically correct, not overtly abusive, and is, of course, WoW-related, feel free to submit it!

Thanks everyone! :)


Anonymous said...

I don't want to write in you blog (firstly because english isn't my native language and secondly because I'm a very bad writer) but if you're looking for ideas ... how about a gear-guide for resto-druids in wotlk.
I'm a tank at heart, I used to tank with my druid but now its weird with him. So I created a death knight and got him to 80 as frost, I'm tanking again normal dungeons (off-tanking heroics until I have the gear) and I love it. So, now I do have time again for my lvl71 druid and since I was lucky to get a lot off-gear back in the days I respecced to a epic-bc-geared (mostly kara) resto and started questing in the tundra. I maybe did like 40-50 quests and there is one thing I noticed - no resto-druid-gear. Its either cloth or when its leather its for feral-druids. He is also leatherworker and the stuff I can create with him for resto/balance-druids starts at lvl77 and isn't even on par with the gear I'm already wearing.
So, do you have any tips where to get gear for resto-druids? Or any place you know where to read about it?

Drujem@Kargath EU

Keste said...

In accordance with the first comment; I would like to see a post on Pawn and/or Lootrank values.

polekitten said...

at 80 now that it's possible to spec ds/tree and ht15 like you mean it with stupid amounts of regen, do you think anyone will play ht spec or will 14/0/lots tree+hots be dominant?

lunar guidance and dreamstate are both very powerful talents especially now that dreamstate is only a 25pt, what do you think?

could a blog be written about their performance? i don't have a druid to try on but i know that lg ht spec put up some impressive numbers at higher gear levels in tbc, your opinion?

Anonymous said...

i can has blog post???

Anonymous said...

I'll see if I can come up with something a little silly and fun for the holidays on your blog ^_^