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Recently I was sent an e-mail a fellow blogger named Doodle, the author of HoTs & DoTs. The following e-mail conversation could be helpful to those who are a little overwhelmed, spec-wise, and with some comments on gear.
So I just got recruited into a Sunwell raiding guild... and since you're the only resto drood I kinda know, I am gonna bombard you with questions. LOL

Is 5/0/56 the preferred Resto build right now? Is Elitist Jerks still the best theory-crafting place to look at? What would be the first thing you'd change, looking at my armory:

Thanks in advance for your help! ^_^

Since 3.0.2 there are a lot of options open for resto druids. I have to run to class, but after I'm done I'll be sure to send you links to a bunch of talent trees I've made up; there's a lot of options.

Pre-3.0.2 boss health nerf, I would have said you were woefully undergeared for Sunwell. However, that's no longer the case. If you have the badges, pick up the chest and/or pants that the SSO blacksmith offers. If you don't mind PvP, I'd pick up a Guardian or Vindicator's belt; I've used mine since Kara and way into BT (I still have it). A lot of bosses are health-oriented; I would get stam or stam/movement increase on your boots unless you think you're going to replace them very soon (in which case, don't bother). You've honestly done very well gemming and enchanting yourself; the little bit of stam is negligible, but can help.

Have to get to Philosophy and then Research and Design Analysis II, but afterwards I will most certainly have some specs for you.

Good luck with Sunwell!


Yay! Specs would be awesome. I'm thinking basically a 5/0/56 --- Genesis looks nice.

Not sure yet what the overall plan is, but I'm excited to be in a progression-guild!

For badge stuff: do you mean these? —

Shroud of Nature's Harmony
Grovewalker's Leggings

I'm scared of doing 40 ABs, but that belt is sex-ay.

Thanks for your help! ^_^

Here's some specs...if you have a moment, can you link me what your 5/0/56 spec is, exactly?

This spec is good overall. Boosts up just about everything, and gets you Wild Growth. It ignores some of the nice Balance talents, however, and doesn't really go into the Healing Touch talents.

This spec is really neat, in my opinion. It's about getting the talent to increase the duration of your HoTs so you have more time to throw out other heals before refreshing them, and increasing the crit chance of those heals to add Seeds of Life. Also, those crits will increase your cast time of your spells, so you can add even more into the mix. When I go back to resto, this is probably what I'll be. Downside is: no Wild Growth.

This is a dreamstate build. Its focus is on mana regen, period, and it isn't that great right now unless you're having a real problem with keeping your mana pool up. When you can invest 10 more points in at level 80, it'll be a mana machine, but right now it's missing a lot of important things like ToL form, Emp Rejuv, and full points in Living Spirit. However, it's really versatile if you find yourself in situations where you're not always healing, or need to fill multiple roles.

Yes to the chest and legs. They're pretty awesome; on par with Hyjal and BT gear. The legs actually beat the leather equivalent that drops off of Shade of Akama. And yes, PvP belts are sweet, unless you can manage the one from the ZA timed chest, which is better.

ARRRGH! I lost a roll on the belt last week! QQ

Here's the spec I was thinking of:


What do you think?

Ha, I've never even seen the belt drop. The ferals in my old guild all had it, though. ><

It's a nice spec, but I've heard Gift of the Earthmother is kind of a filler, and Replenishment doesn't proc enough to be worth the points. May consider putting them somewhere else. However, it'll work, and I see nothing wrong with it :)

(All links and information were posted with Doodle’s full permission, and the title is the subject of his e-mail. All references to Jedi from long ago in a galaxy far, far away are his fault. I claim no Jedi powers whatsoever, even if I can move things without touching them, through Typhoon.)

(Quick Edit: Doodle, Wyrmhide or Kodohide for the Guardian's belt will work.)


Udder Madness said...

What does druid healing look like nowadays?
The only healing I've done post-patch is 5-mans (OMG, I HAZ SO MANY BUTTONS! YAY!) and the odd casual raid (Wild Growth is really cool for solo-healing Kara, just not as cool as it could be), so have no idea what the more demanding end-game healing rotations look like.

-Darth Beathooven
(if Jedi = alliance, that makes me Sith, right?)

Eranthe said...

I've been using a 11/0/50 ( and have been finding it very strong for tank+raid healing in Sunwell. We run a two-druid raid with the other tree doing Wild Growth spam on raid, and we run with a lot of COH priests, so having my build specialized for tank healing more makes a lot of sense.

With the HT glyph, I've found that what I can do is throw a lot of rejuvenations around on raid and keep all of my hots up cheaply on the tank, then fill in with raid or tank heals with hasted 1.4-second healing touches that hit for around 3500-ish. It's very strong, and I prefer it for 5-man healing as well. Wild growth feels too unresponsive to me right now!

Draleon said...

I would take them out of Replenish and put into Moonglow.

Here is my build...

Panda said...

As a tank mainly being healed by resto druids, i'm finding replenish is going off all the time, can you say infinite rage? I heard rumors they may have hotfixed down the proc chance though.

Anonymous said...

An update: I did spec into Genesis and that 5% has really pushed me higher on the healing list. I (and my tanks and rogues) love Replenish as well, and when I level I will be dipping almost exclusively into the Balance tree for Moonglow and Nature's Splendor.

Zander said...

We're through BT and playing around in SW as the expansion looms... but this tree's been incredibly happy with 14/0/47 (the one you mentioned).

Gives me a really long lingering hot that I can swiftmend if necessary and with longer hots in general I can spread the love around on more targets.

I'm coming in top 3 healers most 25 man encounters (if it's a tank dmg fight a pally almost always takes #1, if it's raid dmg I'm often 1 or 2)

As I go to 80 I'm looking forward to funneling the rest of my pts back into resto, Wild growth was really nice, gift of earthmother will help too. I'm thinking glyph of lifebloom, of swiftmend, and of regrowth.

This all adds up to really long hots, swiftmend doesn't use up a hot, and regrowth gets +20% additional heals if hot portion of rg is still active (not to mention 70% crit raid buffed, 100% chance to plant seed of life on crit)

<3 resto changes in 3.0!

Gankker, Uldum.

(if the armory looks a bit weird I might be signed out in boomkin duds)