Friday, October 3, 2008


I am outraged. This is by far the worst, most hurtful nerf of the year, if not the worst in the game's entire run. I am so upset, I'm beyond words. Except not really, because then I wouldn't be able to post this breaking news about the most over-looked, hardest-hitting, game-breaking-est nerf ever.

I am, of course, talking about the DPS nerf to this year's Blue Stein.

There has been a 60% nerf in the DPS of this year's stein, bringing it from the intense 2 DPS of last year's model to the paltry 0.8 DPS of this year's. You can clearly see the lost benefit of the Blue Stein thanks to WoWhead's new Item Comparison.

Was it not enough that they must take away our gain-by-quest mounts and make us suffer through agonizing RNG for a Kodo or Ram? Must they take our dignity as well? It's already shameful to realize you forgot to replace your tankard with your staff of tentacle groping, must they make our DPS so paltry?

I tell you, I am outraged.


Anonymous said...

The new stein is at least "one-hand", not "main-hand", so you could just become a two-fisted drinker.

Harl said...

anon has the right of it. combine this year's stein with last year's stein and dual wield yourself to new heights of drunken glory! we pity those non-dual wielding classes, though, for this year's dps nerf is surely a slap in the face

Khol Drake said...

Two-fisted drinkin' is how the professionals drink!

Brierley said...

It is all about the difference in color. The yellow paint ws a denser paint which creates a harder impact.

Cynra said...

I'll admit, I giggled. Not at all what I was expecting!

Button said...






MadCow said...

That's not as bad as what I heard is happening in Wrath.
Apparently destructible content made them realise indestructible weapons are OP.
So they're nerfing the blacksmith hammer. It now has a base weapon speed of 2.8, damage unchanged.
Thankfully they left the skinning knife untouched.

Also, how many Luck Coins does Coren Direbrew have? Most people only have one.


NB: none of the information in this comment is verified and as such should not necessarily be considered as true.

Witch Doctor said...

Truly outrageous.

This is a SLAP IN THE FACE. >:O

Alyse said...


C. Jones said...

Y'know, I have a lot of respect for this blog but I was personally SHOCKED to see that it took you this long to post about an issue as important as this.

If Blizzard thinks they can get away with something like this and still keep their player base, they've got another thing coming. What's next, one of the best off-hand items being made into a 2h? Who knows, when cretins like Blizzard are in control of things.