Friday, November 7, 2008

Acceptance Speech

That's right, kids.

Bellbell's 70. I'm ready to mount my snowy gryphon, pop some pretty wings and eat more Horde face with my helm of oddly-deep laughter and haste-ridden scourge set. Not to mention the beautiful new axe Sharlet handed to me just moments after that pretty Divine-Storm look-alike swirl pronounced me all-grown up, until the expansion, anyway.

I'd like to brag more about how awesome I am, and how spectacular it feels to have hit the top for the moment, but Bellwether says I have to thank everyone who helped me get here. I mean, I could have done it on my own.


Anyway, here's the list...

Harl: Thank you for running me through SM, sending me BOE blues, helping me with quests in Terokkar and Nagrand, and helping me up my engineering. You're pro.

Tremlos: Thank you for running me through SM and RFD, and spurring me on by levelling your paladin faster.

Sorli: Thank you for running me through SM.

Ignacion: Thank you for running me through SM.

Button: Thank you for running me through SM, and always encouraging me when I was frustrated and levelling your paladin faster.

Amarax: Thank you for helping me take Towers in HFP, ganking Horde who ganked me, and helping me kill elites.

Bellezza: Thank you for bringing your paladin over, my twin, Bellebelle, so we could confuse people and wreak havoc.

And, last, but most certainly not least.


Thank you for running me through SM, Razor Fen Downs, Zul’Farrak, Mara, Sunken Temple, Scholomance, Dire Maul, Stratholme, Ramparts, Blood Furnace and Slave Pens, for helping me through any quest, chasing down Horde who hurt me, helping me spec, helping me upgrade my gear, helping me itemize properly, helping me with dps rotations and pvp encounters, encouraging me, always being there to help me, and just being the most amazing person ever.

...perhaps I'm biased.

(I love you, Sharlet)


Ratshag said...

Orctacles is very happy fer ya, BB, and proud of ya.

Sharlet said...

Touched, I am. I love you too~and I am sure my paladin shares the feeling.

Nightravyn said...

Congrats from the newly 70 lockette, Wrenn, and Siana (who's putting up with this "thing" chewing on her ankles, giggling like a maniac). Awesome job. :D

Anonymous said...

Grats! I posted about my paladin hitting 70 today (but it happened yesterday) too!

<3 good friends that do run-throughs

Belle said...

I've been superiorly A.D.D. lately and missed this, but,

I'm so glad that I met you. I love talking to you, and knowing that some of the e-whores on the forums don't represent our server's ladies. You're such a fun person and you've been very helpful in some tight situations.

I wub u.