Thursday, October 30, 2008

You Didn't Even Say Goodbye...

I've had a lot of friends leave in WoW, whether they transferred servers, switched factions, rerolled, dropped out of contact, or quit all together. Some I still talk to, some I have a hard time getting a hold of, and some I've never heard from again. It's always a little depressing for me, as I play WoW for the people. I have alts on so many servers I just cannot visit them all the time. Or much at all, really.

Recently, I logged on and decided that I hadn't seen one of my friends online in a while, so I'd send them a mail for when they did log on. I bought a black rose, pulled open the mailbox, wrote "I miss you" as the subject, put in the rose, added a short message (mostly just a joke on how the rose was black like my emo soul without them) and hit send.

"Mail recipient not found."

...What? I pounded send again and again, checked to make sure I had written the name right, and then opened my friend's list in confusion. Name gone.

Just another reason I hate that message "Player removed from friend's list because the character no longer exists." It never says who it is, so you kind of have to mentally guess at times.

I pulled up armory; his name was pretty rare. His character was gone. I looked up his arena partner (also with a rare name); he had server transferred and had no one of the class and race of my friend on his arena teams. It was...depressing. Perhaps more so because my friend, at the last time I talked to him, told me he would tell me if he was ever quitting the game.

So, Magroo, I don't know if you ever knew I had a blog, so I don't know if you'll even see this. I don't know why your characters are gone or why you didn't say anything before leaving. But I want to let you know you were one of the best tanks I've ever had the pleasure of raiding with. You were fun to talk to and I enjoyed being in your group for every raid, even though I couldn't always give you my aura. Thank you for talking with me when I was bored, and thank you for taking time out of your play to let me duel you so I could practice CCing and kiting a warrior. Thanks for always being helpful, even when I was as scrubby as could be.

And, if you're around, drop me an e-mail or an IM sometime, as you are sorely missed.

♥, Bellwether


Button said...

I saw Magroo on, like, a week ago....I even directed someone to him who wanted the Red Belt of Battle pattern....Magroo, I'll never disenchant it, and every time I put it on I'll think of you QQ.

Shrinn said...

Hi! new to ur blog. Followed a link in Doodle's (hots&dots)

Wow! Really great thing you mention here. Lately I have wondered if it's really worth to become close with people in the game. & a funny thing happened, my BFF in game & I finally started talking agian (long drawn out crap I'll not get into here) It is so nice to have at least someone who is like minded & is fun to run with in this game.
My boyfriend & I both play, but he doesnt develop attachments like I sometimes do.

Thanks for posting this. Good to see I'm not alone ^.^

Anonymous said...

Gives you a list of server transfers and name changes if your interested in trying to track him down..

Megan said...

I had a similar situation. His name was Stormgrom, a Rogue, who I Arena'd with for the first 3 seasons.

But it went back way before, before WoW even came out---back on Warcraft 3 and custom games/tournies with DOTA.

:/ He still exists on Armory which means his account is on limbo, but me nor his other friends have heard from him since the end of Season 3..

Naissa said...

Hi! I HATE that friend not found error message too. I wish they would tell you WHICH friend. My friend list is always full and its really a pain to find out who left without saying anything. :( Someone on the UI & Macro forums a few months ago said it was possible to make a mod that would tell you who is gone. I should look into that again.

I had a friend, named Ipomoea, a night elf druid. She left WoW around the time of hurricane katrina, and I haven't seen her or heard from her since. Not in WoW, not through real life methods, not through email. Its really depressing because she's one of the most awesome people EVER. She's still on my friend list, but the Armory says her character doesn't exist, maybe because she hasn't logged in since pre-BC? *shrug*

If I find a mod that tells you who is no longer on your friend list, I'll let you know. :)

Christina said...

I'm pretty sure that when they updated the armory, I saw a posting that said that for your toon to show up, you have to log in to it. So, if your friend hasn't logged in recently, they may still exist, but not on the armory.