Tuesday, August 26, 2008


I'm moved in, I'm comfortable, classes have started and stress has eased for the moment. *Phew*

Thanks for bearing with me, everyone. The next part of the series will be up soon.

And you can all have your understanding back; I'm sure there's someone else who could use it.


Megan said...



Don't get too comfortable, WB!

Bell said...

@megan - amg. I dreamed about arena all last night. O_o

Armond said...

Oh man. Don't trinket, wait for fear or death coil, hit trinket for coil, hit Berserker Rage for fear, and be ready with Death Wish after both go down...

Bell said...

Goodness, would you all stop telling me how to PvP? I'm dreaming arena now. For serious.

Elune's Guidance said...

-laughs- Welcome back, Bell! Good to see that the stress hasn't eaten you alive!