Tuesday, August 19, 2008

To Flame or Not to Flame...

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This is not the third part of the installment involving raiding guilds pre-expansion. I apologize! This is just a question I would like to explore and hope my readers will as well. It would be sad if no one cared enough about me to answer my question, no? /guilt trip

Once upon a forum trolling, I came across a thread on my home server about a mage looking for a T5/T6 guild. The mage was one I had met before, on a Heroic Magister's run. Due to a bad pull, this mage died to too much AoE threat on the pulls before Vexallus. Nothing I could do to heal through so much damage at once. Since everyone else survived, he wanted a rez. There were two druids in the group (me and the tank) and no out of combat rezzers. So, we declined. It was right before Vexallus; the run couldn't take more than a minute.

Much drama followed, then a group quit, nasty whispers followed by /ignore. We got a lock, went through the rest of the instance without a hitch (best Demonology lock I've had the pleasure of playing with, and a polite, helpful attitude to boot), and that was that.

Well, now they want to be in a T5/T6 guild, putting themselves out on the forums. Those are guilds that, if the time comes I have the ability to raid again, I want to be in, and I do not want to be in a raid with this person. Especially since I will not take them off ignore (though that seems almost redundant, to ignore someone ignoring me).

So, the question is: do I say something in the thread to try and warn people of his bad attitude? In the end, I really owe nothing to the guilds in question. They're not my guilds, and may never be my guilds. I could just let it slide. Perhaps the player was just having a bad day, or perhaps he's had an attitude change since then. I don't do level 1 troll alts, either, so anything I would say would be on my druid. I know I don't want to raid with someone who throws a hissy fit about a minute walk back to his corpse and threatens to leave the group if he doesn't get a rez "next time."

All in all, he wasn't a horrible mage. He was decent at his class, but he had a terribly entitled attitude and expected catering to his whims, despite any impracticalities. Is it really my business to say anything? It's on the WoW forums, not some private app on a guild website, so they've basically opened themselves up to public criticism. However, so does anyone who posts, and it's difficult to phrase a warning about someone's bad attitude without sounding like a "butt hurt QQing nub." Which could actually devolve into me having to defend my ability to heal and childish confrontations like that. Though there are plenty of people who will defend me (scrubby as I am), I don't like when things spiral out of control.

Then, of course, there's the likely possibility I would not include my signature, simply to keep the flow of people into my blog reading that thread to a minimum. It's not something I would relish, any confrontation being dragged over here.

In the end it may be best simply to hold my tongue and go on about my business. But, my faithful audience, I must ask: how would you handle it? Would you post? If you did, would it be on an alt or a main? Would you ignore it on the forums, speak to the guilds that seem interested online, or would you just ignore it all together?


Anonymous said...

Honestly, I think a T5/6 raiding guild would be strict enough to boot him if his attitude became a problem. There are always bad days and people at their "worst". Unless he is a repeated offender (and you can check the thread to see what others say), I wouldn't worry about it. Regardless, also if there are others with the same experience and posting about it, you wont have to.

What I usually just assume about raiding guilds is that they generally don't have time for childish bad behavior when focusing on progressing and this and that. Maybe I'm wrong.

Just my two cents.

Itsnoteasy said...

I'll echo one among many's comments. If his attitude is a problem, the guilds will send him packing.

When I'm in a situation where I really want to have a go at someone, but know I probably shouldn't, I'll write up a long, scathing post about them, fashioning my hate into a razor-sharp blade... and then just close the window. Sometimes just writing it down can relieve the pressure, even if you never post it.

Anonymous said...

I woouldn't bother posting anything on the official forums, as the two people above me have alreadfy said, raiding guilds are more than capable to deal with unreasonable and uncooperative people.

If I was in really good terms with Officers of these T5/6 guilds, I would probably mention it in-game to them, otherwise I would just let the guild themselves to judge the person.

Pike said...



Anonymous said...

I would ignore it all together. Its just a game; its not like the world will collapse if a bad mage joins a top end guild and messes them around. They can look after themselves. Let it go ! its not a big deal.

You meet good, bad and downright ugly players all the time. As I tank from a top guild, I'm very judgemental of PUG players - especially of mages that cant chain-sheep in magisters terrace :P haha I've booted people before now for lesser offences (or I've quit). Then I promptly forget about them - or make a note that not to play with them again. Thats it.

Jive said...

I would ignore it alltogether, too. Depending on the guild, they'll be able to weed him out if his attitude hasn't changed.

Although your annoyance may flare when seeing his name, maybe try what It's Not Easy suggests. Or whenever you see him in game, squint and smush his head between your fingers. It works for me. >.>

Dechion said...

/pack bags
/guilt trip =P

I also would let it slide in the forums. In this case, the guilds doing the "hiring" are the ones to judge a persons character and fit for the needs of the guild. If you ever go guild shopping just keep in mind where they ended up. If they like that attitude you may want to look elseware anyway.

I have on occasion dealt with A-holes in the game by sending a message to a guild leader about the activities one of thier players was engaged in while wearing the guilds tag.

Josh said...

I'd stay out of it. Flame wars on the forums over bad PuG is not worth any potential damage to your reputation that might result.

If he app'ed to YOUR guild, then I'd unleash hell.

Andy C. said...

Much like everyone else has said, I'd just ignore the mage. Especially if I've only been with them one time. Bad days happen. As far as him applying to a progression raiding guild, if they can't spot his attitude (if it wasn't just a bad day), then they can deal with him.

Khol Drake said...

Meh. It's not your responsibility. Let the individual guild app process take care of him. If you feel you MUST say something, state the facts as you know them. He was skilled at his class, but his attitude sucked. The only reason to say anything is if you are asked, though, so...caveat emptor.

Kalon said...

I'd totally post. If you're worried about it coming back to you, you can always do it anonymously, but I'd otherwise say something.

It isn't your responsibility to warn this guild of his suck, but at the same time it is kind of your responsibility to inform others of his behavior and to show him that his bad behavior has consequences.

Honestly, I wish more people would do that. Making people aware that their shitty behavior has ramifications down the line would help a lot.

Dru said...

Personally, I'd whisper any officers who express interest in him, just letting them know your interaction with the mage. I know having a heads-up about behavior would've been a great help to our guild in several instances. They can take it or leave it, but it's a good time-saver if you speak up. Some guilds don't care about attitude, as long as players are good at their class; other guilds will boot someone in a heartbeat if they're obnoxious. I wouldn't post anything in the forums though, there's no reason to put yourself in that position and open yourself up to unnecessary criticism from jackasses.

isheepthings said...

Wow...looks like I'm one of the few who would post about it. I mean if its big enough deal that you ask the input of your readers I think you feel strong enough in this matter to post on the forums too. You even said you'd do it on your main. I would too. You're not saying he's the worst player in the world, you're just helping other guilds to a quick background check. I'd even go so far as to make it crystal clear that perhaps he was just having a bad day.

I think that in a game such as WoW, where we all have invested a lot of time/effort/passion, we don't have enough people policing the actions of those who ruin the game experience for others. Yes a T5/T6 won't put up with that crap and will boot him if there is still a problem but honestly a lot of guild apps count on recommendations from other guild players. In this case, you'd be filling that role.

Just letting it slide and "sort itself out" to me is like watching some punk teen boys park in the "expectant mothers" parking spot at the mall and not saying anything.

...that was a wired analogy but I'm still mad at myself for not doing something about it. *grumble* *grumble*

TheBigBearButt said...

For myself, I think I would pass on actually posting about him in the public forums.

A Mage that thinks he is mature enough and skilled enough for T5/T6 raiding, trying to get the group to use up one of your only two battle rezzes to save himself a little walk at the very first boss in heroic MgT, and then gets butt hurt about the group, rightly, refusing to waste a tactical advantage for his laziness, is something I as a GM would want to know.

BUT... he might have had a very bad day, there might have been extenuating circumstances for his attitude at that particular time.

Posting about his brief moment of r-tardedness lasts forever.

However, I'd totally call his ass out by name on your blog... the smart guild leaders on your server read your blog, right?

Drunken Dragon said...

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Matt said...

I wouldn't post about it for these reasons:

- If he had a bad day and you post then it puts him in an awkward position of having to defend himself. As thebigbearbutt said, that lasts forever.

- If he's actually that much of a drama queen then not only is he going to defend himself but he's going to splatter you with that drama. And who needs that?

- It's kind of none of your business. Unless he's joining your guild or the guild of a good friend or something.

- Finally, going after him over something so minor seems vindictive and childish.

Just my 2cp worth.

Sojourner said...

I'd find out which guild he was applying to, or which guilds recruited him, and then PM one of their leaders while maintaining a degree of secrecy. Then again, you should reflect on whether what you saw in that HMgt run is what you perceieve to be his actual personality and character. Though from what you described, I cannot imagine anyone like him being in a decent T5/T6 guild. He'd be "OMG! Rez me not that warlock!! QQ" or worse "Cloth!! All mine! Warlocks DIE! /sheep" there're a lot of unpleasant scenarios I can think of with someone of his temperament. Just my 2c. :)

Jordan said...

My opinion can be voiced easily enough.

and Enchanter is hurt by your warlock comment, you've made the little gnome cry.

Hoolie said...

I believe you give people a seond chance.

The mages attitude obviously was pretty awful and petulant. However I also know that although I am almost always a pretty helpful person, there are times when I am tired, irritable or whatever...

Almost always, when somebody loses their temper, its not at the thing that 'made them lose their temper', its usually a whole string of things that have happened previously...

Now, admittedly, I dont think I would ever have done what your mage did, but people deserve a second chance. S my recommendation would be to leave it to the guilds themselves to sort him out if its required. There are lots of reasonably responsible Officers, GM's, and Class Leaders there.

They should be allowed to make that decision for themselves. You can not be 'your brother's keeper'. You will achieve nothing by advertising the mages bad behaviour on the forums.

The only way I see any good coming out of telling people about the mage, is if you know one or more people in the guilds that he/she is applying to, eople who trust you and your opinion. Otherwise it'll probably 'end in tears'.

Good luck whatever you do :)

Cellie said...

I'd leave it alone, it'll sort itself out. My reasoning, posting in a realm forum about looking for guild is a red flag for many guilds.

Why? It projects a "I am so awesome any guild is lucky to have me" attitude. It shows that he/she haven't done any research on the prospective guilds in the range he/she was looking for.

Erniephlem said...

Nah Hes not worth the effort and if the guild recruitment process does not pick up his lousy attitude then that guild deserves him:)
Something similar happened to me this last weekend but it was the GM of my guild had a spit and logged because he drowned in the water tunnel to steam vaults, leaving 4 of us without a healer for the run and myself being organiser had to apologise to all ,including pug tank :(
Left a sour taste in my mouth and thinking of quitting guild , will see if i get an apologie first :)
Strange people out there.....