Thursday, March 6, 2008

Spitting Mad and Unapologetic

Blizz has lost its mind. And it has me seriously looking at Bellbell (Paladin, 38), Razira (Priest, 26), and Totemo (Shaman, 2) and wondering if I can get them to 70 before two of three of my guild's main healers suddenly drop in healing potential due to some weird, idiotic, convoluted thinking on Blizz's part.

If you want to know why I'm so angry, head on over to Phaelia's new posts. She can explain it much more coherently than I can or even care to at this point.

GG Blizz.

And for all of you who are thinking that's a "good reason" that Blizz put forth, you can go stick your heads out of a moving van because your brain is doing you no good as it is.

"Druids are low on the heal charts, so we'll decrease the healing coefficient of their main spell!" 

Thanks, Blizzard. My guild's gonna love this. For sure.

I just love it when the people in charge of keeping me alive lose their ability to do so. I wonder if next we'll nerf surgeons so they can no longer clean their scalpels. The scalpel is still there!
It's just not as effective. And potentially dangerous.


I'll let you guys know when I can raid SSC, okay? It'll be after Illidan's fallen and I beat out the other feral and boomkin druids for "lol offspec" items. I suppose this is why I've been building up so many different gear sets all these years, so when Blizz decides to make an asshat move I'm not completely useless to my guild.

At least warlocks got de-nerfed. Kudos guys, maybe us trees should start threatening to devour babies. Seems to get results.

Also, I love my warriors. Head on over to Button Mashing, a new blog by my absolute favorite warrior ever. His first post ever is a doozy.
Button Mashing

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Toetar said...

I'm not sure what you are talking about. A druid should never be low on a healing chart. I'm always in the top of healing meters. I made a comment on your post "Heal Meters" that tells you how to get on top of those meters. If they cut it down by 8% per application that takes my 777 full stack lifebloom down to 711 or so. It is a nerf but does not mean we are worthless. If you have 600 spirit and you are in the tank group you are giving plus 150 heal to all tank healers. You have innervate, battle rez. You are the only healer that can run the entire fight and still use all your healing spells. We will be needed.