Sunday, March 16, 2008

The Orange Button

Another title for this post could be "Why You Will Never See a UI Post from this Blog in the Near Future."

You see, I play on a little laptop. It has a small, crowded screen, and very little memory (I had to buy extra RAM just to run WoW) and therefore my UI is very crowded, and rather embarrassing. I can't see much of my screen when raiding, but this is all right for me because I can still remain situationally aware and I have large, helpful health bars that light up different colors when there's something I can decurse/abolish poison. It's still embarrassing, and no you cannot see it.

But that brings us to a conversation in the Blog Azeroth chat, where Jon over at the Bronze Kettle told me I should add a donate button to my blog so maybe I can afford a new computer. I think it was said in jest, as I don't really feel my blog warrants the sort of...something...that would inspire people to just give me money for a few amusing and/or helpful posts.

Now, you all might remember that the amazing people at the Kettle had a big fundraiser for Child's Play. Really, they were spectacular. I cannot hope to match that. However, I've decided to add a donate button to my site. Each month I'm going to be changing its target. This month, it's for Polio. Please, if you've got a couple spare bucks you were considering giving to me at the start of this post (as weird as that sounds to me) I'd much rather it goes towards that little orange button on my sidebar.

Thanks everyone.

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