Monday, March 24, 2008

The Return of Pirate Queen Bellwether

Oh no! It's one of those "what I did today" posts!

Well, if you want to know what the title's about, you have to read it! Mwahahaha. And you know, what I have to talk about is awesome.

My weekend did not have the most auspicious beginning. We were supposed to do Gruul's, but it didn't happen. So! We did the daily heroic. Which one was that, you ask? Slabs! Er, Shadow Labyrinth. /shudder

You see, I've run Slabs until Exalted, all for one thing. The idol. Which idol? Only the best frickin' idol in the game for a resto druid. That's right, that idol. And it has never, ever dropped. It has dropped three times for one of my feral friends, and for our boomkins, but never, ever for me. Everything else has dropped, probably even stuff not on the loot table. But I took a deep breath, grabbed the daily, and respec'd feral.

Wait, what? But you said you're staying resto!

Well, I am. But Twal's paladin needed the mace off of Murmur. And my Boomkin set is not up to par with my two feral sets. So I respec'd (forgetting Shredding Attacks /facepalm) and headed over to the instance. We brought along a ret paladin, a shadow priest, and a rather familiar paladin tank. Oops. No CC. Guess what that means? Yep, my tanking gear is in my bags. It may not be my strongest personal skill, but I'm there in a pinch.

So we head in, first pulls go well. The spriests is getting used to a new build, so he pulls some aggro, but we're mostly doing well. Then we get into the room with the banished first boss and pull a group of four and a Felguard. Oops. This is a heroic dungeon and this is potentially bad. I manage to activate my bear gear in my Outfitter seconds before getting into combat, and I grabbed the Felguard. No. One. Died. I'm gonna chalk that up to the amazingness of a pally tank, Twal's on-top-of-it heals, and lucky fear resists. That and some vain little self congratulations. /preen

Prior to my tanking gig (and there were more than a few spots I needed to tank due to lack of CC) I had almost 400 dps without Shredding Attacks or Omen of Clarity. Why without Omen? I'm a noob and forgot to add it to my action bar. Insert another /facepalm. I don't know personally, but Twal says that's not bad. I wasn't topping the other dps, but the spriest was rocking Frozen Shadoweave and the retpally was in dps epics.


Anyway, we get to the first boss and down him, and like always, I hold my breath while looting him.

No way. No. Really? No way. No. Way.



It seems all it took for me to get the blasted thing was to trick the instance. It did its usual scan and was like "Ah, Bellwether returns. I see we have finally beat her into submission and she has turned feral. We beat the resto out of her. Mwahaha. Put the idol back on the loot table."

Well, Slabs, I have one thing to say to you. (Following emote is NSFW)
(/endNSFW) I'm going back resto tonight for Kara. Up yours!


Anyway. We didn't get past Vorpal. He's a bitch. But along the way I got to do a lot more off-tanking. Usually not more than one mob because pally threat is insane. By the way, if you can, MC the shadow priests in the Inciter's room. They topped our dps charts with 1k+ damage. But we'd started late and people had to go after a few tries on Vorpal. Who is a bitch.

So, Easter Sunday! I'm stuck at college, so no family time. One of our priests wanted to go to through Strat, so Twal and I took our two ferals over and went through. Knocked the Baron out in under 45 minutes, but no mount dropped. Now, the priest had wanted to skip the Scarlet Monastary part. He left, and Twal and I headed over. We killed things etc, etc and then...I got the best drop ever.

Arr, maties, Pirate Queen Bellwether be back. And I see some scurvy dogs saw fit to retake the keep in me absense. Aye, they'll regret that, they will. Ready, aim, fire!


Wait, who is Pirate Queen Bellwether? What's the story on that? It's a story, an epic one, for another day. I know, I'm a tease. As it is now, I'm going to get used to being forced to dance during every raid due to what Twal got when we went back through to get me the Key to the City.


Kestrel said...

Hahah! Good stuff, good story, and congrats. :)

(I just wish my work firewall would let me see all the stuff you linked.) :(

teh Khol Abides said...

Yar, matey! Pirate Queens ftw!

(and not the drag kind, the actual female kind...)

Chris said...

She's only holding my spot until I (The Pirate King) return in a spectacular explosion of cannons, parrots, and wooden body parts.

Bell said...

@chris - says the boy who doesn't even want to be a pirate. No way matey, ye ain't pullin' a mutiny on this pirate.

Rhoelyn said...

Wow. I never knew there was a pirate cannon in-game. I needs me one of those babies!

"What'd you say about my momma's ears?! Eat hot cannonball!" POW!

Oh, yeah. I could have a blast with that. :) I hope you do, too.

Rhoelyn said...

Yes. Pun intended. :P

Anonymous said...

Hmmm now that 2.4 is out I'd have to argue that Idol of the Raven Goddess is the best for resto druids.

+44 healing +20 from ToL is 64 and affects all heals not just LB.

Bell said...

@anonymous - that could be true, but I'll have to look into it :D

Anonymous said...

Actually after thinking about it more my comparison wasn't totally valid.

It would be 44 vs 88 or 64 vs 108 (since ToL aura would apply you the Queen idol as well).

However I guess the question becomes is +44 on all heals > +88 on just LB?

There's also the issue of Raven Goddess idol costing you 5000 for the riding skill to start the quest chain.

Anonymous said...

GAH....please excuse my stupid typo.

"...apply you the Queen... "
sould have read:
"...apply to the Queen... "

Bell said...

@anonymous - it may depend on what point in progression you're at. At later points, as I come to understand it, Lifebloom will take up 80% or more of your healing, so the 88 might well be worth more than the 44 to all. If you're doing 5 man's, however, then the Raven may be more worth your time.