Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Am I Missing Something Here?

The site Be Imba is a fun, experimental little site that gives you information on your character and their gear. It has helpful information on enchants, gems and talent choices. It is more PvE geared than PvP, which is fine, and it even tells you where to go to get gear upgrades and what level you are performing at.

And it's with the final part where they mark your progression that we hit a snag.

This is a screenshot I took of my Be Imba profile (click the picture for a larger version):


Now, I'm in all Kara and Badge-bought purples with one blue (soon to be two or three with an idol I hope to someday get), and I know for a fact there are upgrades for me in Gruul's and Magtheridon, if only the t4. But it puts me at SSC gear drops and Hyjal/BT ready. Something is wrong there.

How do other resto druids fare? Is it just off for us? I only have 1447 +healing and 130-ish mp5 while casting. This to me does not scream "end game."


Ayashi said...

Weird! It must be due to the item level of the things you are wearing, I guess? But maybe it weighs some things higher than others...

My druid ended up with a slightly smaller "PvE score" than you though she has more mp5 and healing. Probably something to do with overall item levels though, I'd guess. I'm still using 2 blue trinkets, a blue healing idol, blue ring, and blue neck :)

Ozeb said...

If you practice good enchanting and good gem choices, it rates your gear higher.

Dru said...

I think it's saying more that you're capable of completing SSC and TK than being ready for BT/HYJ. The gear thing is also where "most of the gear upgrades" come from, so if you just need the t4 out of Gruul's/Mag, then it makes sense that most upgrades will be in SSC and TK.