Monday, December 17, 2007


So, I went eight posts into this blog without introducing myself or explaining its purpose. That may be some kind of record. Doesn't everyone start out their blog with "So, I started this blog because..." or something? Anyway, on with the introducing.

I'm Bellwether. Or I play her. Sometimes I can't distinguish the difference, but it should suffice to say that Bellwether is a restoration druid. She's been through the wringer, that one. Started out with aspirations of Balance and moonkin dancing until realizing kitty form was being used more than wrath. A quick shift in the talent points and I was a pre-Burning Crusade rawr druid, who made a few mistakes along the way (like Improved MotW instead of Mangle...). I was all gung-ho into it, too. Very much loving the clawwing and the bleed and watching the people I slashed across the face die even after I was dead. I tasted a warlock's glory, for sure.

So, how did I turn from the carnage and satisfaction of a feral kitty to of a tree? If you could call it sedate. I wouldn't really, due to our mobile healing.

Well, it started with a simple goal of mine. That goal? A ram mount.

I had created my ickle Night Elf before they'd streamlined the rep gains for city factions, and she was my first character on my WoW account. This meant I did not know what I was doing at all. But when I saw those gorgeous rams, I knew I had to have one. Ironforge rep...was a dream for a while, but that dissolved. When I saw the Black War Rams, however...I was hooked.

And so, at level 60, I pvped. And PvPed. And pVped. And I began to notice something...

Why was no one healing?

I mean, I was in feral form and we didn't have the nice popping-out of forms we received in 2.3. So me healing was out unless I wanted to give some wimpy ones and kill my dps. And I really, really wanted that ram. So, I bit my lip and respec'd tree.

It was tough at first, but I slowly realized I loved it. I loved keeping people alive so they could kick ass, I loved the fact that I was generally the last to be targetted. I liked learning new places to hide so the enemy couldn't see me and would be so utterly confused as to why they weren't killing my comrades.

I loved being needed in instances, getting the heal gear and just being so useful. It complimented my patience and my easy-going manner so that even the PvE grind to 70 wasn't hellish. I was slower than the guild ferals and balance boomers, but so what? I was having fun.

Now I'm 70 and the No I In Alliance druid class officer. This blog was create to supply my ickle druids with information and because I like the neat WoWhead links (it's like a new toy). It's going to be mostly restoration focused, as that's what I know (and what a large part of our druids are) but I'm definitely going to add other spec information in here. I'll also add little fun randomness like my Care Bear post.

So, if you're here, enjoy. If you're not from No I In Alliance, thanks for stopping by. And if you're not and on Dark Iron (US) and want to join a guild that's casual and fun, we're recruiting! Especially priests, but everyone is great. But you know...priest shackle...Kara...

Well, enjoy the blog!


Anonymous said...

Hey! Hello to the Druid blogging community.

Tree PvP healing is great, because you get so much versatility in BGs with a Druid. Tree healing in big battles in AV, flag running or flag runner support in WSG (root, heal, Hurricane, heal, heal…), and waiting stealthed, waiting for a warrior on Def to need healing in AB…

Good times.

Phil said...

Way to fit that NiiA plug in there :).

Dani said...

@leafshine: very good times

@Sannhet: It was so very subtle, wasn't it?

Anonymous said...


A Resto Druid blog I'll read...but from an ally druid on my server!


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