Monday, December 3, 2007

Healing Belts

In my opinion, the hardest piece of armor to find for a healing class, any healing class, is the belt. I've been running Arc over and over for The Sleeper's Cord and it hasn't dropped yet. And here I'm still wearing a green Boneshredder Belt of Healing that I bought off the Auction House at around level 68. I'm convinced Cord of Nature's Sustenance will drop before the Arc belt. So why is there such a problem with healing belts?

It often seems like waists and bracers are the most over-looked of items. It could be they're not as showwy as a chest or shoulders (shoulders are so telling of your armor that you can always tell who is a pvper and who is not thanks to them), or just that when you think of armor you don't often think of a think strip of leather around your waist. It might also be because they're less fun to design. Whatever the reason, there is a lack of good healing belts.

I perused wowhead to find some nice level 70, pre-kara belts. It includes cloth, as it is an option to us druids (though we don't always like to use it). This will hopefully help people struggling to find their options in this area. I did not include PvP as that would have made the list rediculously long.
This link will take you to all the level 70 druid pvp belts.

The Sleeper's Cord
Drop - Normal and Heroic Arcatraz - Wrath Scryer Soccothrates
Windhawk Belt
Crafted - 6xHeavy Knothide Leather, 16xWind Scales, 12x Primal Air, 2xPrimal Might, 1xPrimal Nether - You must be a tribal leatherworker to wear this item and you must craft it yourself
Please note: the Life-Step Belt has been removed as a heroic badge (60xBadge of Justice) reward and put into the ZA loot table.

Lifeblood Belt
Craftable - 5xBolt of Netherweave, 4x Knothide Leather, 3xPrimal Water, 3xPrimal Life, 2xNetherweb Spider Silk
(Edit: This item was removed from the game. Blizzard sucks. That is all.)
Cord of Belief
Drop - Heroic Slave Pens - Mennu the Betrayer
Primal Mooncloth Belt
Craftable - 4xPrimal Mooncloth, 2xNetherweb Spider Silk, 8xPrimal Life - You must be a Primal Mooncloth Tailor to wear this and you must make it yourself
Cord of Sanctification
Drop - Heroic Old Hillsbrad Foothills - Epoch Hunter

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