Monday, November 17, 2008

An Update for the Concerned

I do not have a new computer, and will not be getting one in the forseeable future.

I do not have Wrath, and will probably not for a while longer (week or two). Wrath was released about the same time I was given, not lying, about eleven papers to write for my classes. If I downloaded Wrath, I would fail my classes.

I have not quit WoW. I am not planning on quitting anytime soon.

That being said, the times I have logged on have been depressing. Every one of my friends is over 70 and in Northrend, and all I read and hear about is the content I'm missing. The most interaction I've had with people is to run their Death Knights through Mana Tombs.

But, well, at least my Netherwing rep is climbing steadily, right? Eggs everywhere.




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Stupid Mage said...

Don't worry. One day it will be your day.

Anonymous said...


Some are in a bum-rush to hit 80, some are in it to see all the new content asap...when you get the expansion, savor it and enjoy it. It's nice to enjoy the game now and know you have something to look forward to. You could always take this time to roll random alts on bloggers' servers and surprise them


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Kayeri said...

ah, Bell, I really do feel for you, and I hope it all turns around when those classes are finished!

And I know its easy to say for someone who is playing there already, but dont worry about Northrend, it'll be there when you are ready, and still be all fresh and new, because *you'll* be experiencing it then.

Hang in there, and ace those classes!

Anonymous said...

So that's why I never see you on, or havn't n awhile anyways. It just so happens that I randomly feel into this forum lead by a search for DI and Sunder... lol I think it was sunder anyways. meh Anywho when you get back online lemmie know if you need any help Bell


Anonymous said...


Its chaotic at the moment. People are rushing to get some idiotic achievement, quests are bugged... Who cares if your not 70+ yet as long as your making progress for yourself.

Good luck with Netherwing and keep smiling. :).