Friday, January 18, 2008

Randomness! Things That Are Happening! Stuff!

So, it's a brand new year. Hooray!

Yes, I'm a little late. I have this thing called school I'm still doing. It keeps me busy. As does being Druid class officer, light raiding, family events, forum play and social life things. But! Enough with the excuses. Here is something I want to do for the new year. All right? All right.

Well, there are so many amazing WoW blogs on the internet, floating around with their helpful information. And now that I've posted on the same topic as Phaelia in roughly the same time frame twice, I started wondering. Why can't we all get together and discuss these things?Everyone wants their own little space and I respect that. We each want to be a unique little snowflake. Heck, I want to be a unique snowflake! But, you know, sometimes snowflakes get together and make some snowfall. Or a snowstorm. Heck, a Blizzard (ha, pun).

Anyway, where I'm going with this is...

what if some of us get together once in a while to discuss things? Maybe, once a month, some bloggers come together and talk about the druid class and WoW in general, to discuss the past year and the coming one, to muse on druids and simply have some fun. Heck, it could even extend beyond druids (but I'm biased and it's what I know. And biased. Mmm, waffles). Then we record it in some fashion (Vent/chat/irc/etc), post it up, and, ta da! A whole lot of discussion!

So, why bloggers? Well, this may be me over-generalizing, but I tend to believe that, because someone has taken the time to create a blog (as easy as that is nowadays) and report their opinions and findings about WoW and their druids (or other classes) to help others and share their enjoyment, that they actually care about the game and the people who play. They want to help people, they want to inform and be informed. So they do their best to keep themselves in the know and on top of it all.

Of course, with everyone's busy schedules it might never happen. Just a happy idea of mine.

In other news, my guild's downed Onyxia! Nowai. Yeah. We did. Podias even managed to skin Onyxia before our Paladin purposely, in the spirit of things, killed us by aggroing all the whelp caves. I didn't live through the fight because Onyxia would fear me to just by her tail and, as I tried to get away, Podias would move just ever so slightly, Onyxia would shift, and her tail would smack me right into the whelps. First time I wiped us; second time the rest managed to live through it.

Not bad for seven people, two of which weren't even 70. Yes, it's been done with less. No, we don't care overmuch. Next: on to BWL!

Yep, we're old-world-tastic.

In case you missed my last post (or you already knew because the huge influx of readers I got today was from himself linking to me in one of his own posts), BRK reached 1,000,000 visitors today and killed his own website, and it keeps rising now that he's alleviated the insane glut that is his empire. I'm a proud, free-loading, no-tax paying member. Does that make me part of the Rebel Alliance? But I like BRK...S'pose I should start farming for Light Feathers.

Sadly, because I am still in school and care about my grades, I missed the 1,000,000th mark because I had to go to my Honors Biology class. Let me show you:

So close......yet so far away.

The first one was taken right before I left for class. The second one was taken right after. I like the consistency in the numbers, at least!

Speaking of BRK, he's not only teaching me not to be so huntarded when I once in a while dabble on my hunter, but he's making me a better druid! Let me explain.

I was on BRK's blog watching the video on how to be a proper lowbie hunter when he began talking about "strafing," and his little Brktestbed dwarf did this funny diagonal running thing. I had no idea what this was, but I thought I would give it a shot. So I logged onto my ickle Tauren and...failed. And failed. And....oh, look at that...FAILED.

So, I logged onto my druid and whined to my Hunter class officer. And he, nicely enough, took me to a little deadzone between Nagrand and Terokkar and introduced me to the keys "Q" and "E." Feeling like an absolute oblivious moron for not knowing this through 70 levels, I found strafing to be simple enough once I rebound some keys, and Harl graciously allowed me to moonfire spam him to death, chasing me around so I could practice strafing and he didn't kill me with his intense BM wrath. So now, thanks to BRK and my Hunter CO knowing his stuff, I learned something I should have known a long time ago, and am much better for it.

I was over at Big Bear Butt's place rockin' out to some awesome music when I actually decided to read past the tunes I was adoring. And then, pay attention to the video (I tend to space out while music is playing). And it made my heart glad that right in front of me was the default WoW UI. Yes, there are addons. But, as one of the people who cannot use too fancy a UI due to my poor-college-student laptop, it made the cockles of my heart warm to know that you could be uber successful even without the fanciness and the bells and the tinsel and the sparklies.

I do like sparklies, though.

Suddenly, almost all our guild tanks are paladins. Okay, so that's not entirely true. But! We have our guild leader, a new shiny pally who just needs a bit more gear, and another pally interested and on our forums. How interesting is that? One of the least utilized specs, and we've potentially got three.

And I'm loving it.

That's all for now! Be on the lookout for my extensive (and exhaustive) breakdown of every single druid skill. That's right. All of 'em.

Until then!

By the way, I'll be mostly gone this weekend. Why? My boyfriend is a culinary arts student and is visiting. He brought pie. 'Nuff said.


Matticus said...

Hey, I have a 53 druid. Would I be able to qualify for this drid healerific discussion? :O

Dani said...


Ha ha! Yes! ^^ I love druid/non-druid/non-heal-druid perspectives. We're hybrids; why limit ourselves?

If people are actually interested in this, I say...why not? It was an idea I threw out there because I thought it might be fun. :D

(btw, since I have more than one blog on blogger; Dani = Bellwether)