Sunday, January 20, 2008

Posts of the Week

So, this is something I'm going to do every week (give or take, when time allows) where I highlight my favorite posts of the week. This does not mean that they were written that week, but...this week was when I read them! So, let's get started.

Pump out even more DPS in Kara (or threat) - Laser Chicken
Though not written this week, I always like finding new and interesting trips that put new spins on clearing TBC instances.

Snobbery, Elitism and Things That Go "Boom" - Leafshine: Lust for Flower
A great article on the need to feel special, and different. I want to be a snowflake!

Shockadins vs. Heal Specs - Crusader Aura
A great comparison on the difference between Shockadins and Healbots (er...Healadins).

/tap tap tap - Big Red Kitty
Blogs no one has done before. Except now, someone did one. Welcome Captain Pugger to the blog scene!

Talent Spec: Levelling Restoration/Balance - Resto4Life
A great guide if you want to level as a druid, both being able to dish some damage and learn healing as you progress.

Is Feral T5 Worth it? - Of Teeth and Claws
A great breakdown of T5 for the feral audience! Seriously.

Beneficial Balance Builds - A Tale of Two Druids
Great for anyone who wants to know how to build a better Balance Boomy.

10+3 Personalities Every Guild Leader Needs Around - World of Matticus
Not only funny, but true!

Shifting Perspectives: Levelling and Talent Specs - WoWinsider (as written by Big Bear Butt Blogger)
And finally, it's time for the feral levelling builds. Moar mangel plz!

Need More Rage - Ratshag
It's...Ratshag. You's Ratshag. Just go read the whole blog. Go. Do it. Technically, this is a whole blog, and I've been reading it for a while, but the whole thing is amazing.


Pike said...

I keep meaning to do a "Weekly Blog Spotlight" thing because I love when other people do it... but I never seem to get around to it... x_x

Matticus said...

It's a lot of effort :(. But it's a good Saturdayish topic :D.

Thanks for the plug, Dani!

Anonymous said...

You'll always be our snowflake! :)

Thanks for the link!

Dani said...

@Pike - It's okay! I'll do it for you! ^^

@Matticus - No problem, I link what I enjoy :)

@leafshine - Awwwww...hearts!