Saturday, January 12, 2008

Oh Lazy Pallies...

Running Karazhan, no big! We do it all the time. So what made this run different?

Well, for the first half of the run, I was the workhorse.

Run makeup was (at the time): Sannhet, tankadin extraordinaire; Podias, raid leader and reluctant off-tank feral; Lare, arms warrior with pvp fury unmatched; Esyla, sick and groggy but lock-ariffic; Twalkins, shiny and pally-powered; Hezakarth, totally new mage with wide-eyed gleeful wonderment; Finnvarra, boomkin doomkin deathkin awesomekin; Darelin (and Moonshade), with the traptastic skillz; Evenfall, our puggalicious priest with the shackle we crave; /wave.

Everything goes great. We down Attumen, one shot. I'm wearing the round condom of shame to signify that everyone needs to stand on top of me (having done nothing shameful, it was either that or wear a "nipple" on my head and at least with a condom I'm protected).

Sannhet is a kickass pally (CC? Whazzat?) and therefore there is only one target to heal throughout the whole boss fight (for those of you who don't know, it's Sann). This allows me to keep 3 stacks of Lifebloom, a rejuvenation and a regrowth on him constantly. I also had to innervate, pop my trinket twice and pot once.

At the end, what does Twalkins say?

"Hey Bellwether, look at our mana."

So, like an obedient little druid, I do.


They had barely a chunk out of theirs. Due to our strategic placement, a single heal target and my ever-ticking HoTs, Evenfall and Twalkins had barely had to lift a finger the entire battle. Maybe Even threw out a DoT or two, but...nothing!

On one hand...this means all the time I have spent grinding and pvping and working for gear is starting to pay off.

On the other hand...I worked harder than them all and had to use a valuable mana pot to do what I did when, if they had simply said "You don't have to do that, Bell, conserve your mana," I wouldn't be one pot down.

So. I think, next time the three of us are on Attumen, I'll scale back on the HoTs. And ask for a heal meter next time. And take a screenshot. And make many shaming noises. And pop my Barov's Peasant Caller instead of my trinket.

That'll teach 'em.

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Ithilien said...

While it's very commendable to keep up a stack of lifeblooms, a rejuv and a regrowth at all times, just don't :)

Lifebloom stack for the constant ticking, and a rejuv every time it a) expires or b) you swiftmended it for those "oh crap" moments should be enough. Let the pallies/priests worry about damage spikes.

It will give you a good chance to regain mana in between lifebloom refreshes and you 'll end up regaining more mana than you actually spend. Leaving you with plenty mana to innervate (yeah yeah only 60 mana but you'll curse yourself the day you find yourself unable to innervate yourself/someone else due to being sub 60 mana and a pot on cooldown) or combat res aggro monkeys.