Thursday, May 20, 2010

ICC 25 HM Resto Tips - Blood Wing

These tips assume you have a basic idea of how the fights themselves work. They are not complete overviews of the fights, but rather hints, tricks, reminders and ideas.

Blood Council
HoT yourself up before or while moving and you shouldn't even feel the debuff. At the same time, don't take it as a license to run around without a care; your debuff will still stack.

Save Dash for being chased by the augmented fireball. Pop Barkskin if necessary, but book it through and out of the group. Through the group so they diminish its size, and out of the group so you don't hit others with the explosion. Do not just soak it with Barkskin and not move; you can kill others around you.

Be wary of last-second Empowered Shock Vortex invaders. Hover over your Barkskin button (provided it's not on cooldown) and if someone invades your space, hit it. It could save your life from the domino effect of adjusting people.

Be aware of your surroundings. It is easy to get killed by not paying attention to the stationary shock vortex about to spawn (that you're about to run into). Do not be afraid to shift out and hit a Kinetic Bomb with a Moonfire if it gets close to the ground. Be adaptable and adjustable.

Blood Queen
Pre-HoT before the pull with Regrowth. Weaker ticks, but longer duration, will ensure that a large amount of your raid will have a good buffer heading into the fight.

Do not tunnel-vision health bars. It is very easy to do this since the basic heal strategy for BQ is Rejuvenation, Wild Growth on cooldown, Swiftmend if necessary. You still need to be aware of your surroundings, especially if you have to drop dark fire around the outside or run to the center for Pact.

When the person with Swarming Shadows is announced, give them a Rejuvenation, and a Lifebloom. This is a little extra buffer against increased damage they are taking, but much more is a waste since other healers are likely picking up slack on them as well. If not, Swiftmend them.

During Blood Bolt Whirl, Barkskin. Make sure not to use it too early so you have it for the entire duration.

When your Wild Growth is ready to be spammed again, hit it on a tank. This should ensure the greatest amount of people receive it.

Always HoT Bite targets. They will take damage, and it is often a large amount for clothies especially. If you are using an addon like Vamp, your bite targets should be marked. If not, have people call them out or warn you if their target is low health.


Nightwhisp said...

Thanks again for these guides. One question on Blood Queen. You suggest prehotting. We found that in regular mode this can raise the Druid's threat above the DPS and cause the first bite to be on a healer, not a good idea. Is this different on Heroic?

Bell said...

Nightwhisp - I have in fact been bitten first once; however we were new to Blood Queen and were using an odd strat where the DPS held off for a few seconds so that the bite would go onto a certain person (and truth be told, I didn't pre-HoT that fight). Since moving to a strat where all DPS attacks ASAP, I have never seen this happen to a healer. If your DPS is low, you may consider holding off. However, I would consider it more of an aberration than the norm, and only likely to happen if your DPS is holding back for some reason.

Ken said...

Thanks for all the tips!

NIghtwhisp said...

Yeah that is exactly it, our raid leader has everyone hold off so that the top DPS gets the bite. Since I've only done Blood Queen with him I assumed that this was the normal strat.

Bell said...

NIghtwhisp - most guilds just let whatever top DPS is top threat get the bite and go from there.