Friday, September 25, 2009

Let's Try This Again

So, if you remember not long ago, I asked you to send questions to The Elitist Podcast because I was going to be interviewed (look, I even reused the old outdated screenshot from the post). Well, it happened a while ago, but the initial interview had some weird technical difficulty and it had to be trashed.

We're going to try it again! Only this time, Sylly will be with me, too! Twice the Druid fun.

Now, the other thing is, if you sent in a Druid-related, Bellwether-related or blogging-related question, you need to resend it by tonight. More technical fun abounded and somehow they are unable to be found. And getting new, exciting, Sylly-related questions would be awesome!

If you have questions or comments for me, Sylly or the Elitists, send them to Elitistpodcast AT gmail DOT com and hopefully things will work out this time!

And it's kind of short notice, but they need to be in by 7 PM EST tonight. Sorry! And thanks again!

EDIT: It's done! Thanks for everyone who sent in questions :D We can hope there's no technical difficulties this time.


Sylly said...

Yay! I'm excited for tonight, Bell! =)
You gave me my start in blogging, by allowing me to guest post here on your site, Bell, so it really is a privilege and a pleasure to get to chat with you for the podcast tonight!
I'll bring the snacks! =P

Bell said...

It's gonna be fun :D