Thursday, July 16, 2009

Liar, Liar, Pants on Fire

I understand the reasoning behind it. Saying you have more spellpower than you do when a slot in a VoA pug is on the line. But really? 2200 spellpower? Your gloves are blue. You have no set bonuses, you have the beginner crafted legs. It's conveniently higher than the spellpower I just posted. I checked your gear because I was curious, I kept quiet because, well, it's a VoA pug. It didn't matter so much.

You got put on raid healing, so your spot was secure. The raid leader had already revealed his own ignorance of healing classes by saying discipline priests are a PvP spec only, and now he was going to kick people based on effective healing meters. With you on raid, you should be fine, right? And so you were.

Emalon goes down with only the aggro-happy DK taking a dirt nap, and Dragonhide legs drop. I don't need them, but I roll on them. You decline. So, free pants to gather dust in my bank.

Archavon keels over like the pushover he is and what drops? Wyrmhide PvP gloves.

You might think this is off set, but in reality a Resto Druid often uses two pieces of Wyrmhide to boost their resilience, and gloves/chest just happen to be my Wyrmhide choices for my set.

Of course, I roll lower. I make a sour little comment along the lines of "of course, the gloves I actually need" but am going to leave it at that. Then you link your blue gloves and say how they'll be an upgrade for you.

First of all, bravo on outing yourself on your own lie about your spellpower. Secondly, PvP Wyrmhide is not a real upgrade over PvE blue gloves. No spirit, a ton of stamina, a cyclone cast time decrease, resilience...unless maybe you're trying to be a PvP Resto, but your guild tag is a PvE guild's tag and you have no dual spec...and you're missing key PvP talents in your tree.

In the end, I passed to you. You were a liar, but pitching a fit over a piece of Wyrmhide is not something I'm going to do. You have, however, shown me you really don't know how to itemize the only spec on your Druid, and I hope I never have to heal alongside you again.


Petal said...


Oooo... something like this is why I pretty much stopped doing VoA. SO much crazy for one instance.

Kring said...

My lock lost IotDS against a 0/0/71 mage...

masterkevosavi said...


Hana said...

/hug :(

I hate it when I lose something to the lying numbnuts who doesn't know better.

Anonymous said...

While I understand the frustration getting the two piece for the 50 resil isn't that big of a deal. The spirit/regen on the other items is better for longer games if you do 2's, though the crit is helpfull for 3s and 5s.

As my partner says, taking 5% less of too much, is still too much.

Bell said...

@n00by - well, right now my resilience is really low because I've just started PvP again. Once I have more set pieces I'd be inclined to switch over to Kodohide over Wyrmhide.

Kayeri said...

Dang, that raid leader was ignorant... in my current mix of Naxx 25 and Ulduar 10 gear, unbuffed in tree form, my spellpower is 2180!

And if I had the ability to share, Bell, I'd gladly cede you 3 pieces of pvp gear I received in a VoA where, strangely enough, I was the only druid. Chest is Boomkin, the caster-healer belt, and feral gloves.

Anonymous said...

Wow, this post feels so out of place per your norm to me.

Bell said...

@Anonymous - we all get angry/irritated sometimes.

Anonymous said...

<3 Bellbell

I think I know someone I need to put on my kill list. (or i will, once i find out his name)

Ashimbo said...

I've lost sooo much gear to underperforming PuGs in VOA that I just don't PuG it anymore. If something useful for me drops, I know I wont get it.

Morphs said...

Yeah it's always funny to see a full blue/green geared dps go "3k dps LF vault" and then get invited to win Conq gear. But i need to keep doing vault for the need of pvp gear.

Fan of the blog btw.

Morphs, Dark Iron.

Vndead said...

tell me about it...

I used to have t8.5 gloves and full set of t7.5 going in vault.

kill emalon, pants drop. The rogue that wore all blues and some cheap pvp gear .. who died 3 seconds into the fight (if you don't know how to rogue, you'll die fast in that fight)... he rolled and won. little bitter but .. i guess that's how things went, cna't do much about it.

last weekend, i ran on my pally with babanouge's raid (Bell's server). he has a very strict looting rule in that naxx run. I offset-roll a mail (as a paladin) after i was making sure none of the mail wearing people needed it... for healing (my main spec) because I don't have a good chest. He called me out .. made me take it as main spec chest roll because it was better than what i wore.. next boss, the tier chest drop, I didn't roll and accepted it. Of course, i wasn't happy.

At KT, 2 of the tier helm dropped... i rolled, i lost.. he looked over all the data from our meters, decide to give me one because i have better gear and do a better job than the people who won. He stated it early in the run that KT and Sap's drops will be based on performance.

I didn't like how he treated me in my first roll but i didn't say anything. He made it up by calling the shot on the last roll. I think PUG should be doing that more often, gear should be given based on performance.

PuG will always be a weird encounter.