Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Enable Pet Bars 4 Haelz

Brajana over at Mend Pet is doing a great little contest for a great cause. It's the "Need More Stable Slots!" SPCA Charity Drive and Giveaway. It's a great idea, a great cause, close to a hunter's heart, and with great prizes.

I personally donated a prize. It's nothing as amazing as a custom-UI or personalized artwork, but it's a fun little in-game thing you can use to spruce up those five-minute bio-breaks.

What is it?

Goblinoid Resonant Electro-Neural Automatic Dancing Emitter!


Party G.R.E.N.A.D.E.!

These little buggers come in stacks of 100 and are usable by any level, so you can run around Dalaran spewing confetti. In the comments of WoWhead it will supposedly make hunter pets (bears, cats and wolves) dance as well. That may just be hearsay, but if it's true, just imagine it being every little animal you helped rescue with your donation celebrating their new luck in life!

Don't wait, just head on over and follow the directions, and in no time you'll be holding your tickets and waiting with bated breath for a fabulous prize!


kingthorin said...

I really fail to understand why a hunter might need more than 5 pets.

Mind you I didn't think we really needed more than 2 or 3 either. (I still don't).

Sarai said...

It really does make hunter pets dance. I even have a screenshot of my silly cat, dancing in Naxx. I'd love to see a pet bear dance, would it be the same as a druid bear? hehe