Friday, January 8, 2010

Rants Bell Will Not Be Posting

In recent news, my work on the Haste article is coming along nicely, hindered mostly by real life vacation. I'm managing to relax and relieve some of my former stress, and I've decided to try and be a little less negative about certain things. And, while there are many things I'm a little irritated by, I've decided...well, they're just not worth it. So, to tide you over while I finish up my vacation and some other articles, here's a list of rants I've decided not to post.

More Ranting About Random Dungeons

I think it's been said enough by now how bad some of these have turned out. My pug pet will be a long time in coming, especially as now I try to get it done with at least one person I know being in the party. Makes it a little more bearable, I say.

Rants About Being Forced to Revisit Content I Outgear By A Wide Margin Just So I Can Afford My T10

Another rant about gear resets and how it trivializes content while forcing you to visit the same old things again and again and again and again just to stay on top of your game will get us nowhere. Especially as many people seem inclined to believe that anyone talking bad about gear resets hates them because they want to hoard the shiny shiny purples all to themselves.

A Rant About Oculus

I have stated my utter disgust for the changes to this instance all over other blogs and Twitter. Any more bad vibes and spouting about what a mess was made of my favorite heroic and I'll just be belaboring the point on something that's never going to change back to it's former glory. I'm real subtle how I feel about the nerfs, though, huh?

Ranting About Guilds Who Use GearScore as a Recruitment Tool

Mostly because this just boggles my mind too much. I mean, seriously? "Must have a 4k GS or better to be invited." I seriously hope there are some other requirements, but just the mere fact it's being considered immediately sets off my alarms.

Well, there you have it. The rants you aren't going to see. Though, if you snoop around the comments sections of Miss Medecina's post about Oculus here and BBB's post here, you'll see what I mean about me belaboring the point.


Miss Medicina said...

See now, I didn't think your comment was a rant at all... but a lovely tribute to an instance that you once loved :)

What is the gear reset nonsense by the way?

Com said...

How about a rant about rants that aren't being ranted about? But post it in a non-rant or semi-rantical nature where the rantinotitude outrants the overranting qualities of a standard rant.

...Wait, what?