Monday, November 23, 2009

Shameless Bid for Attention

This is actually just a shameless bid for attention (see title), so if you're not into that you can stop reading. It's okay, I won't be upset.

Still here? Man, you're a glutton for punishment.

All right, down on the right sidebar, at the very bottom, you'll see a cat, much like the one on this post. He is grinning, and I can't decide if he's adorable or creepy. That being said, you'll notice, he is a link!

A link to where, Bell? Obviously, I'm logging your keys. But you all have authenticators, right? Right? But besides logging your keys, the link goes to my DeviantART account. I did warn you that this was a shameless bid for attention.

I just started drawing again. And by that I really mean I just stopped being lazy about going to the school computer lab for the scanner. Since I don't have a lot of experience with scanners, often they come out pretty wonky. But! That's not the point.

The point is, my school doesn't let non-majors/minors take art classes. only possible way of getting better is if you guys look at the stuff I post and rip it to shreds mercilessly. To make it easier on you, a lot of the art is WoW-based, though only some of it is using references so I don't know if that counts...

Anyway, this is a hobby of mine. I'm not doing it seriously. However, I really do want to improve. So, please, if you're artistically inclined and feel up to it, dig through my gallery and tell me what you like and don't like and please, make suggestions. I'm working off of free tutorials and trial and error and the process is oh. so. slow.

Thanks in advance, five people who stuck around til the end of this post that is just a shameless bid for attention.

EDIT: I should probably add that though my gallery has nothing NSFW in it, my favorites section does. Just a heads up.


Com said...

Chibi-Com takes all the credit for inspiring you with his one yonkoma... I can give you tips on how to scan and get the most out of using a computer for art after I get back from work.

Kae said...

I think the kitty is adorable! In an entirely "I'm gonna eat your face" kinda way... which is actually pretty typical for cats. Heh. ^^

Roflwolf said...

That's bogus you can't take art classes! I mean, I can understand needing to give precedence to art students but to block out everyone else all together is just wrong. =/

I'll see what I can do about critiquing your work. I tend to skim DA, but I've got enough experience to pass on.

Lath said...

I thought the kitty was really cute.... then again I'm a sucker for cheeky, naughty pet like things :)

Jong said...

I like the cat. He's cool

Keredria said...

Way cute Bell!

Adeanna said...

the cat and bear are really cute. and all of your drawings are nice.

Mokele said...

I likey your pics :D I think its awesome you dont do art classes - everyone who goes to art class learns "the rules" - they get indoctrinated into all the usual conventions and it kinda ruins exploration - because they've been trained in how it "should be done", rather than figuring out stuff for themselves.

Keep doing what you're doing - I like your personal style & the more you play the more it'll develop - dont go to art school - your own personal style will be skewed by training. The only thing that matters is if youre happy with your progression - this aint raid healing - noone else matters in art cept your own sensibilities :D

Thanks for the Drood blog, Im a better heals for reading yours & other resto blog resources on the net fo'sure :D

Take care
Mokele, Saurfang

Mokele said...

Ah yeah bits i missed - artist are supposed to be "unconventional" but the ones who are trained in art school have so internalised the usual artistic conventions they dont even realise theyre conforming to the same conventions every other art school grad is.

That said it is worth researching some design principles (just google that) so you're aware of them, but dont feel like you have to habitually use them - noones grading you on incorporating these ideas into your stuff.

Just do what makes you happy, practice & elaborate more on the figures & compositions you think look good without being reined in by conventions.


Bellynda said...

oh dear, not sure how this comment box works.... well anyway...

HI ^_^ I just started reading your posts. I'm fairly new to Wow and you're insight on situations are interesting.

First of all, I looooove your cat <3 and the Little Dragonette is adorable. Your cartoon animals are really good.

A couple things you could improve on:
~Remember to always check weight distribution. (i have problems with this sometimes) if a character is in a cocky stance hips will be angled and one leg will be bearing more weight than the other, so on and so forth.
~ Check your proportions. Short arms or funky placed eyes can murder a masterpiece and a couple of your best art supplies when they are chucked against the wall =D.

Hope that helps some. Thanks for writing such a great blog!