Thursday, October 1, 2009

Been A Long Time In Coming

The podcast from The Elitists featuring me and Sylly is up!

I just want to say I am easily embarrassed, public speaking is not my thing, and I ramble on most incoherently. So please go enjoy it, and laugh at my expense. It's okay, I give you permission! Sylly was awesome though.

Also, if you're thinking something is weird about what I said in regards to the haste cap, a full post is coming, so don't worry about it. All will be explained. I know what I said isn't the real "haste cap" but I get nervous on the microphone and I didn't explain it right!

Now go have a good laugh!


Syllly said...

lol Bell! I just listened to this myself and had my own share of embarrassment going on. It's kind of surreal to hear yourself on a podcast, I must say! Thanks so much for making it such a fun experience! /hug!!!

Forreststump said...

"...public speaking is not my thing,..."

There is the problem right there. You mischaracterized what you were doing. You weren't engaging in public speaking, but instead: a conversation.

If you ever get involved in a podcast (or any other form of broadcast "interview") again, go with that mindset, and I guarantee it will feel much more comfortable.

(Speaking from past experience in radio, FWIW)

Kayeri said...

Bell, I havent had a chance to listen yet, but I'd be nervous too, in your shoes!

But Forrest is right, even though you'll be nervous next time you do this, just go into it telling yourself you are talking Druid with friends. :) It will help!